Rhino 6.26 Raytraced Mode


on our mac mini 2016, late 2014, memory 16GB, 3Ghz i7, Intel Iris Graphics 1536MB, running OSX High Sierra - Rhino mac 6.26 crashes when entering in Raytraced Mode.

Every time, even when we do a new scene and just design a simple cube. This problem is not connected to any particular file.

Did it work with older service releases?

Hi -

Is there anything preventing you from updating to Catalina?
It appears that supporting High Sierra is increasingly getting more difficult, if not impossible.

On this computer I am running a specific version of a furniture software which will not run on newer OSX. That is why I cannot update this computer now.

I have an other question:
Why is the minimal line width in wired mode so thick (talking about Rhino 6)?
Happens only on our two mac minis with the specifications I did write on my comment before. One is running High Sierra, the other is running Catalina. Makes no difference.

This is setting
Display Mode > Wireframe > Objects > Curce Width to 1 (which is the minimal one)
Print Display off

Have you sent in crash reports for the crash you are experiencing?

Yes, I did.

If you filled out an e-mail address with the report, could you send it to me via discourse private message? Thanks.

Does increasing Open GL antialiasing improve the situation?

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 16.45.55

No, I cannot go beyont 4x on the mac minis.

Well, that’s the problem then. The intel graphic card is not good for this.

Strange, on Rhino 5 it always worked more than fine.