Rhino 6.12 RC update hangs

Was working in Rhino 6, closed after I finished my file and it wanted to install an update for 6.12. I’m assuming this is the RC. After about 15 minutes I’m still at the point seen in the image below.

Update: I forced closed through task manger because the close on the window wasn’t working. Rhino 6 launches as (6.12.18351.21491, 12/17/2018) so I guess all is fine.

Hi @Ryan,

Please restart your computer, and then repair the Rhino 6 installation from Control Panel > Apps and Features. The repair should complete successfully.

If the language pack installer doesn’t complete successfully, several important parts of Rhino won’t be installed - including template files.

Thanks for the heads up, I did a repair and everything went fine.