Getting tangency across many surfaces

Hi everyone,
I am modeling the bodywork for a car. Specifically the C pillar and engine cover to the rear wheel arch. I am spinning in circles trying to get the overall shape I want, and maintain tangency between the surfaces. Any suggestions? Is there something I’m missing from the start to get proper surfaces here?


surfaces.3dm (239.7 KB)

Hi Carl_Jarrett1,
I like the form of the carbody.
They say:" You need good curves to get good surfaces."
Try to produce G2 curves first.


Hi Carl_Jarrett1,
here is my version of it, it si not perfect, but I hope it helps.
I tried to be close to your design.


Thanks ED77, that looks pretty clean. I like how you reorganized some of the surfaces. I will give that a try. The tricky part is right where the dense surface meets the other two as I wanted the surfaces to flow through that point a little different. I will post my results.