Rhino 5 SR6 Release Candidate 1

Hi Everybody,

Rhino 5 SR6 is a significant release for us. In addition to the usual bug fixes and enhancements, we’ve also made a couple big changes under the hood:

  1. The latest release of Zoo 5 now supports licenses for Rhino 5, Flamingo nXt, Bongo 2.0, and Penguin 2.0. Everyone that uses the Zoo will need Rhino 5 SR6 installed. This should dramatically simplify the deployment of Rhino throughout school and large office networks.
  2. Rhino 5 is now distributed as one download per language. There are no longer an Evaluation, Commercial, and Service Release downloads. Both 32- and 64-bit Rhino are installed on 64-bit computers. The single download allows running Rhino as an evaluation, and lets you enter a license to convert it to a full version. This is our first step toward providing electronic distribution. There are lots and lots of changes under the hood that come with this - if we did our job correctly, you shouldn’t notice anything strange.

To download Rhino 5 SR6:

  1. From the Help menu, click Check for Updates
  2. In the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  3. Rhino should update within the next 24 hours.

Or, if you just can’t wait, you can download and install manually.

Please report any problems on this forum!

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This it mean that the deployment via networks will be much more easy and also lazy IT managers could be able to set it up and us, teachers, will have a fully upgraded version each time without asking and praying ten time?!?!

If yes: I LIKE IT!!!

Why is that? I never saw the need of 32-bits Rhino on my new computer and on my SSD C: drive space is at a premium.

I see that the SR6 RC download is about 457 MB while the 5.5 64-bit update was about 127 MB. I know that the SR6 RC has both 64 and 32 bit, which accounts for part of the difference, but could someone remind me of what other stuff is in the SR6 RC that isn’t in the usual update?

I also need to be reminded why 32 bit is automatically installed in addition to 64 bit if 64 bit is desired and what problems will result if the 32 bit is removed.

32 bit will run legacy plugins.

I also would like to be offered the choice to install it or not.

I noticed that this is a full install (keycodes required). Is that the plan for all future service releases? It will be a lot of work when you have 100 computers to update. Currently we push the update through a login script so it’s done automatically.


457Mb?!?!!? No please what it’s very good in Rhino3D it’s his lightweight.
Please abort the 32bit!
Ok I know there’s lot of 32plug-in not running on 64bit, but why push us to have the 32bit installed if we don’t use it?


I probably should know better than to ask, but is there any timeline on the official release (i.e. not RC)?

In WorkNC (CAM software) there is an option at install to pick which (32 or 64) you wish to install. They are both on by default. You need to uncheck one if you don’t want both. This may solve the issue of users being confused as to which one(s) they need. If in doubt, just go with the default. For people like us that know what we need this would work well.



I downloaded the SR6c but it’s only 227MB

I see I was not the only one concerned, I’ll just wait for the auto update



If you wait for the automatic update to download, you won’t need to enter the key. Alternatively, you are welcome to download the service release manually from http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/sr - you can continue to push using your update script.

Looks like you’d be better off waiting for the automatic update - it only downloads 32- or 64-bit, depending on what you run, and it will not update all the localized content (help, tutorials, template files) like the 457MB installer does.

Hi Dan,

I think we’re just going to leave it as-is for Rhino 5; the update cycle for Rhino 5 is rapidly coming to a close, and we’ll get started with Rhino 6, which will be 64-bit only.

For the vast vast majority of our users, the 32+64-bit install seems to be working - we are getting few questions about it, and people seem to be able to run well.

Hi Willem,

Rhino has always installed 32- and 64-bit from the DVD or from the GIGANTIC 1.2GB download that we’ve had on our web site. We decided to do it this way, and to put the 32-bit version in front of users, for a number of reasons:

  1. Many people don’t know the difference between 32-bit, 2GB, and HD.
  2. Asking users “do you want to install 32-bit, 64-bit or both” immediately prompts the thought “how am I supposed to know”?
  3. So we start explaining: 32-bit is compatible with your Rhino 4 plug-ins and works great for most people. 64-bit runs on native 64-bit platforms and it works great for people who need huge models. But really, most people probably don’t need 64-bit because they don’t push the limits of Rhino. So in reality, most people could do just fine with 32-bit only. Does that help you understand what you should install?
  4. Are there plug-ins available for 64-bit? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on your plug-in - ask your plug-in manufacturer, or sales person for help.

It became obvious that answering a simple question became quite complex, and we didn’t have the capability of educating people well enough to help them answer the question correctly for their circumstances.

So, now you get 32- and 64-bit together, with the desktop and start menu shortcuts pointing to 32-bit by default.

As we move toward online distribution, we want the same user experience as we have with DVDs (without the wait, and without having to download all 11 languages at once). So this is the compromise we’ve come up with.

I know it’s not ideal - but it’s just not a simple problem to solve without holding everybody’s hand through each step of the installation process. We want anybody to be able to install - not just power users.

Hi SkySurfer,

I don’t think I said any of that - you seem to be projecting your biggest wishes onto this announcement. What would be useful for me is to hear what isn’t working for you and your IT managers. Can you please elaborate?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for you indeed elaborate and prompt reply. I’m sorry for overreacting a little. Being pushed to download and install something I do not want in order to get something I need, triggers something in me and I become agitated.

All is well now I took my :pill: :pill:


I’m not able to explain better at the moment.
My IT manager said that’s too much complex to set-up automatic update so he decided to not have update.
I’ll try to ask him for more information and for his wishes and let you know for sure.
thanks for asking.

Thanks Brian, I will grab the service release from the link you provided.