Rhino 5 Service Release 6 Now Available

Rhino 5 Service Release 6 (SR6), built 9-October-2013, is now available.

Two major new features:

  1. When SR6 is installed, Zoo 5 can serve licenses for Rhino 5, Flamingo nXt, Bongo 2.0, Brazil 2.0, and Penguin 2.0. Requires Rhino 5 SR6 and Zoo 5.0 9-18-2013 or newer.
  2. Evaluation and commercial builds of Rhino are now one and the same: you can download the eval, and unlock it with your license key. (Online purchasing of licenses is coming…but isn’t ready yet.)

And there are dozens of stability improvements and bug fixes that you’ve come to expect in Rhino service releases.

Rhino will download Service Release Updates in the background and prompt you to install, or you can download manually.

Posted Oct 15, 2013 by Brian Gillespie on Rhino News, etc.

Is updating Zoo mandatory to work with SR6, or can we keep our current Zoo and upgrade to SR6 if we don’t want the new Zoo features?

If you do not want your Zoo 5 server to host Bongo 2.0, Brazil 2.0, Flamingo nXt, or Penguin 2.0 licenses, then no, you do not have to update your Zoo server to SR6.

Does this help?

Yes, spot on!

Sounds like two great steps in the right direction.
Being able to unlock the eval has been a wish for many years and is also good for the CO2 footprint.

But how will this affect resellers? Will you focus more on selling directly to customers, or will you still promote local purchases? Both scenarios has pros and cons so I am not sure what would benefit the customer or McNeel the most, the latter would benefit the resellers the most of course :wink:

We have no plans to impact our dealers by making it easier for users to install and run Rhino.

We want to make sure it is as easy as possible for Rhino buyers to purchase the best Rhino-related product and services. Generally that means buying Rhino locally from a Rhino expert.

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