Rhino6 Flamingo 5.5 not finding Zoo Server

I have Rhino5 with Flamingo v3.1.2 working just fine with a ( local ) Zoo licence server.

When I clean install Rhino6, that continues to licence from the same Zoo server.

Flamingo 5.5 just says “No Flamingo Licences Available” from exactly the same zoo server

Do I
a) need to update Flamingo licences for v5.5 ( and if so how )
b) need to update the zoo server to serve Flamingo licences for v5.5 ( to what version )

Or is something else going awry please ?


Do you actually have a Flamingo license in your Zoo?
The upgrade from Flamingo 3 to 5 is free, but it does require a different license key.

Ah, yes, that might be the issue.

Although the page you direct me to, I interpreted as being for a “personal” licence, rather than a Zoo Server licence, correct me if I’m wrong. The phrases “Limit one upgrade per Flamingo nXt license.” and “Your upgrade license will be tied permanently to your email address.” suggests to me that it might.

I’m deploying Rhino in a Lab environment with a local Zoo Server.

But I think you’re right, we need to update our Flamingo licence key. Thanks