Grasshopper Default Save location setting?

I would like to set a default save location for Grasshopper for Rhino / Grasshopper installations for our students on our Lab PCs. I can do this for Rhino, so data gets saved to the user document folder, but when I do ‘Save As’ within Grasshopper it isnt using that location. Is there an xml file or registry key that contains the information? I’ve had a search through the registry and can’t see anything obvious, I’ve also looked in %appdata% to see if there is the equivalent of Rhino’s settings-Scheme_Default, but haven’t been able to find anything similar. Thanks

Hi -
There aren’t any settings that control this, no.
Note that SaveAs will use the file location of the original file.
Save will reuse the last used save directory. Grasshopper gets this location from Windows.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the information – much appreciated!