Rhino 5 PlugIn Digitizer ( sdk C# )

Hi!. There is a way to save or re-use the last digitizer calibration?, when i disconnect my digitizer, and i reconnect it, my calibration is lost. I want use the last digitizer calibration. Thanks.

Hi Ignacio - this is the three points that you set to define the origin and plane, is that correct? I imagine you could write the points to an external text file and/or as document user text and retrieve it at the right moment, with a script even with ReadTextFile. But I do not have a digitizer handy to sort out what actually works.


In case you have a MicroScribe digitizer, there is no way - except drawing your reference plane on the table…
I am very sure as i re-wrote the plugin for Grasshopper and worked my way through the SDK reference.
The encoders in the digitizer are realtive encoders, means they get reset every time you turn it on.
That is also why the tip has to be in the ‘parking position’ because otherwise the math to calculate the position wont work.

The rotating base has no ‘parking position’ therefore you cant really reuse any coordinates - except maybe you rotate it to the max position cw or ccw - then you may have the same internal coordinates

Yes. They are the first three points. The idea of load the three points sounds good. But now, how can I get the three points that define the calibration?, I’m working in Rhino 5, SDK C# Rhinocommon. I can not find something to help me get those points. Thanks!

Hi Ignacio - I don’t know enough about what that all looks like under the hood in C++ to be of any real help. I am going to switch the group to Rhino developer, you may get more help there.


This is not possible using RhinoCommon. The data is available in C++ using the public CRhinoDigitizerManager class.