Rhino 5 (Rhino common SDK 5.0), digitizer



Hi!, im developing a rhino digitizer plugin, using the Rhino common SDK C# v5.0. There is a way to change the behavior of the _Digitize command?, When the user run this command and the digitizer is already connected, this command runs the _DigCalibrate, this cause a loss of the coordinate system. Im trying to prevent this. Thanks.

(Dale Fugier) #2

Sorry no.

When the Digitize command is run, if the digitizer is not calibrated, then Rhino will try to calibrate it.

I don’t understand the “loss of coordinate system.” Perhaps I need more information?

– Dale


Yes, when the Digitize command is run, if the digitizer is not calibrated, then Rhino will try to calibrate it.
But When the digitizer is already calibrated, and i run the Digitize command, rhino still want calibrate it. ( I would appreciate omitting that second calibration ). Because the problem is when the user press “ESC” (cancel the calibration process, while rhino is asking for the Origin, X or Y point), the actual calibration is erased. And when the coordinate system (digitizer calibration) is erased, the points that i send with the function SendPoints, are not refreshed in rhino. :frowning:

In other words, i want calibrate just when the user run the command _DigCalibrate. I hope to be clear :slight_smile:


Okay, a second example is the next.
When i run the command Digitize for the first time, rhino ask me for calibration, But if the user cancel this command, (pressing ESC), rhino will not have a calibration. This produce that rhino does not have a digitizer calibration, and in this way i cant send points with SendPoints.

There is a way to prevent this?.. thanks :slight_smile:

(Dale Fugier) #5

This is true and is by design. I’m still trying to understand what problem you are trying to solve? Why is this a problem?


This is more like a usability problem. I try that the user does not accidentally lose his calibration. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Tim Hemmelman) #8

I think maybe the name “Digitize” is the problem here. The command is meant to do a couple of things. Get the digitizer talking to Rhino and get the digitizer frame of reference associated with a Rhino coordinate space (ie. DigCalibrate). While the name seems to indicate it might, it does not create any points. For that you want to use a command like DigSketch with the points option. In fact, you may be able to just run that command. I know from running it myself that it will prompt for a digitizer if there is not one already connected. Since I don’t have a digitizer myself I could not confirm if it runs through the calibration if it’s not already calibrated.