Custom Digitizing System

I’m designing a digitizing system that I’d like to use inside of Rhino3D. What type of input does rhino look for to get the 3d points? Are there specific drivers that need to be used? I’m trying to use the same functionality that the MircoScibe arm has in Rhino. Is there any help files that could help me do this? Has anyone tried to do anything like this before that could help me out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Bailey_Eller,

Rhino supports custom 3d digitizer plug-ins - a plug-in that interfaces with a 3d digitizing device and streams points to Rhino.

You can create a 3d digitizer plug-in using either the Rhino C++ SDK or RhinoCommon. which comes with Rhino.

A 3d digitizer plug-in sends points to Rhino by calling CRhinoDigitizerPlugIn::SendPoint (C++) or DigitizerPlugIn.SendPoint (.NET).

Source code for a sample C++ 3d digitizer plug-in can be found here.


It’s up to you to provide the interface (driver, API, etc.) between the 3d digitizing device and Rhiino.

Let me know if this helps.

– Dale