Rhino 5 on Windows server 2012

In order to use a distant computer to render Bongo animations, I’d like to know if
Rhino 5 should run on Windows server 2012 ?
Is there any known issue ?

I was told it should run ok long as you’re not trying to do any funky client/server stuff that it’s not made to do

I’m running a copy on a Windows Server 2008 machine with no problems.

I draw and set the scene up on my desktop (Windows 7) and then send it to render via a remote desktop. Very useful as it doesn’t tie my machine up.

Thanks for your replies, I intend to use it as James.

Did you have to do anything fancy to get it to run on Windows 2008 server … it does not show any windows when I try to launch Rhino but the process starts …

Anyone else have issues with Windows Server?