Rhino 5 Mac, new macbook can't validate

Hey there,

my macbook died a while ago and i had to buy a new one.
Now after reinstalling rhino 5 for Mac it won’t accept my license as the time to validate the license has already passed.
What to do?

Hi @Sebastian_Dukat,

I’m not sure if I’m following you…
Do you have problems entering the licence key (“it won’t accept my license”) or validating it (because the validation grace period has ended) ?

If the first case… please send us an email with the licence key. If the second… can you try running the _ValidateLicense, as advised before?

In any case, all licencing related issues are best handled privately by email, drop us a lien at sales.eu@mcneel.com

Thanks !

Thank you for your reply I wrote to sales.eu
It’s the second one. The _validatelicense command won’t work as the time to validate the license is surpassed.

Sebastian Dukat
Industrial design student @Folkwang