New version 5.2.2

I upgraded Rhino 5.2.2, I bought a license number and when I open Rhino I can not save my files. How should I do it?

We believe there may be a problem in the 5.2.2 license validation system and we are working to release a fix for this shortly. In the meantime, please run the _ValidateLicense command (even if you have already validated previously). Validate your license, then please restart Rhino.

Sorry but where I can find the command _ValidateLicence? Which menu?

@jpbazin Before you type anything, we would like to gather a bit more information, so we can perhaps fix the bug on our end.

@brian Can you please help this user? I think this might be a case you should look into and get more information.

Yes. I’ll take this to a private message…

Hi @jpbazin,

It appears that you were able to validate your license successfully about 4 hours ago.

Please try this:

  1. Close Rhino for Mac (⌘Q)
  2. Start Rhino for Mac

Is Rhino able to save?

Hi Brian
Thank you to help me!
Excuse me purpose Yesterday I was not available, but now I can retest Rhino. It is the same problem when I quite Rhino and I open I can not be saved……

The problem is over ;))

I finally manage my problem by le menu help > validateLicence> popup validate > etc…

But I think that not easy

Thank a lot