Educational License Key Invalid?

Hi, I’m in need of help with downloading Rhino 5 for MacBooks. I had already downloaded Rhino 5 into my old macbook but I recently got a new macbook and when I tried re-downloading the app it required me to purchase or enter a license key. When I did enter my educational license key it kept telling me that the key is invalid but I’m pretty sure I typed in the correct code because I used the same code as I did with my old macbook. What should I do?

Please contact directly to get this sorted out.
HTH, wim

Hi, I’m about to try changing my educational licence from one mac to another and I’m wondering if your issue was resolved?

I’d like to be comfortable knowing that I will still be able to use this software on my new computer.

If you have a legitimate paid license then no worries. You can transfer your license as needed. If something goes wrong, contact for help.

Okay, can I just confirm, the Rhino website says that the licence does not expire, so will I still be able to use my licence on my new mac for my own further education even if I am no longer a student?