Rhino for mac license problems

i have rhino 5 on my pc which is where i do most of my work. have also used rhino for mac in it’s beta version, for interest. i took advantage of the promo price to buy a license back in june. was irritated that i could never get the license validation to work, but have been too busy to figure it out. now i want to able to save work on the mac version, but it will not allow me. it asks for my windows license key (why does it ask for my ‘windows’ key when its a mac?) anyway, i put in the key i got when i paid for the mac promo version and it says : MacRhino 5 Commercial licenses are not eligible for this promotion. if i follow the ‘find my windows license key’ (again why the ‘windows’ ) it tells me where to find the serial number (in the about rhino window) but when i enter the serial no it says ‘not valid’. the version of rhino is shown as 5.1 (5B161).
am running it on an imac with osx 10.9.5 mavericks.

  1. If you took advantage of the first promo that was only for selected Rhino users - the Mac license is tied to the Windows license and that’s why the validation asks for the license key, to make sure you actually own a Windows copy of Rhino 5.
  2. The validation asks for your Rhino 5 Win license key not the Serial Number which you get from the About Rhino Window. You can get the license key by inserting your serial number (the one from the Rhino About Window) and email address here: http://www.rhino3d.com/license/find

If you have any further problems with validation your license I’d recommend that you contact the McNeel sales department directly at sales@mcneel.com

Note that the email address must be the one you used when you got the license in the first place.

hi marika,

many thanks for your help, it has now worked.

so the ‘rhino for mac license key’ l was issued with when i bought the mac version serves no purpose at all. weird!