Rhino 5 File not found Save Error

I am trying to save a file that I have been working from scratch. However the moment I go to save the file and error that says File not Found come out, follow by another window that says unable to save file as…giving name. Is not that I am repeting the name or try to replace and existing file I just wanna save it. BUT IT DOESN’T LET ME. This is rhino 5 for windows by the way. Please help

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Are you using a licensed version of Rhino or an expired limited-time trial version?

If you do have a licensed/legitimate version, does selecting everything and using Export work? --Mitch

I get the same problem with a legit rhino

Which version of Rhino are you using? What does the error message say? Are you saving to local disk or a network drive / cloud?

I got the same problem now and it turned out it was a Windows 10 issue. The ransomware stuff (I don’t even know what it is…) it was active and it blocked all the actions of non-compatible app. I just disabled that and everything is working now.