Rhino 5: Copying same blocks between files creates duplicates


I got 3 independent files, spaceplans, full of same blocks (same chairs, same desks, same cabinets,…). Whenever I try to copy and paste chunks of spaceplan between files Rhino always creates a copy of blocks.

I’m copying 3x “desk_160x80”, 3x “office_chair” and 1x “cabinet_low” into the other file, that already contains instances of above mentioned blocks. What I’m getting is a couple of new blocks “desk_160x80_1”, “office_chair_1” and “cabinet_low_1”.

As I intended to count the blocks based on their name, I would have to Replace all the duplicate blocks with original names… Uf, that would take some time.

Please let me know, if there is a way around.

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In a quick test here, I don’t see that happening. Could you share a model that causes this on your system?

Hey, thank you for your quick response. I cannot release these files, it’s a company policy, but it is super-easy to run into this error. This is procedure that leads you to it.

Command: Rectangle
First corner of rectangle ( 3Point Vertical Center Rounded ): 0
Other corner or length ( 3Point Rounded ): 100
Width. Press Enter to use length ( 3Point Rounded ): 100
1 curve added to selection.
Command: Block
Block base point: 0

Leave the name by default Block 01.

Do this in another instance of Rhino.

So now you have two files, each contains the same block. Take one block, copy to clipboard and paste it to the other file.

And this block, now, should be named Block 01 01.

With these steps, I can reproduce the issue, yes.

This has been fixed in Rhino 6 where you will get the following Block name conflict warning:

Yes, that is true, I have tested Rhino 6, but at this moment we are hesitant about further licensing because of BIM. Is there any solution to this problem within Rhino 5? Any way around this? Of course I can prep something in grasshopper, but…

I would say that that depends on the specific situation and your workflow. If you are constantly using the same blocks in different files, you could probably build a library with your blocks that you insert in a new file when needed.

Sounds like there is no solution for this case, because what you are offering pretty much means to have this fixed before you begin… Any service pack planned for Rhino5? huh? :slight_smile:

There have been already 8 of them.

They are called 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7.

The next one 6.8 will be out probably next week if all goes fine.

There is no further development on Rhino 5. All goes now into cleaning up Rhino 6 and work has started on Rhino 7 (currently known as Rhino WIP).

well, this has no solution. life goes on.
thank you for answers.
best regards,

Hi Sven,

It’s been a known major issue in V5 and good to see V6 brought back the better solution for this.

In the meantime, you can try these 2 scripts:

  1. Run this one in the file you are copying from, while the objects to copy are selected:
    TagBlocksWithBlockName.rvb (580 Bytes)

  2. Once pasted in the destination file, and still selected, run this one:
    ReplaceDuplicatedBlocks.rvb (955 Bytes)

It will replace the duplicated block names with the ones from the destination file, and cleanup the duplicated block definitions.