Block Manager creates duplicates everywhere?

Hey there,
I’m new to using Blocks in Rhino (6) and I just ran into an issue.
I’m working with a space that’s pretty heavy with furniture, so early on I began turning these into meshes, then Blocks. BUT, a colleague explained to me that while turning these into Blocks will help with file size, I should be linking them from a different file.
So I copied and pasted all of my furniture into a “FURNITURE.3DM” file, where everything is placed exactly where my master file has them. And when I began linking the furniture to this 3DM file, it began duplicating the entire set of furniture for each instance I had created!
I’m attempting to share an image below of what I see in my master file…what am I doing wrong exactly?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Hello - the way you’s do this is, for each indiviidual piece of furniture, you’d have a file or a block (it does not need to be linked to an external file, though this is sometimes helpful). You need exactly one of these for each different object or base group of objects that you want to sprinkle around your scene. Then with these established, you can copy them or use Insert to place instances where ever you need them.

More info here:

Does that help at all?


Yes, it does, thank you so much! My file size is so much nicer to work with now…