Rhino 5 Change Log

Is there a place where I can read the changelog for the latest release on the web or inside Rhino itself?
The latest release page still shows something from last year…
Sorry to bother on this matter again, but I (and I believe some other users…) like to keep up with the changes inside Rhino and find out whats going on with each update that gets installed…
Thank you!

I think users would be best served if there were two logs, clearly labelled: one that is the cumulative log of all changes made in version 6 from version 5, and one that is just the changes from the previous release.

Day to day active development for V5 stopped when V5 SR12 was released. SR13 only adds a small change to fix a special case with very large files when being rendered with Flamingo nXt 5.
The change effects nothing else.

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Ok, Thank you John!
I’m liking the WIP very much so far!


I think you may have misunderstood me. I wasn’t talking about maintaining a change log for V5. What I meant was a cumulative log that shows all the V6 changes from the beginning using V5 as a starting point. The other V6 log I thought should show only the changes from the immediately preceding V6 WIP.

Sorry, the title of the thread is “Rhino 5 Change Log”.

We do track everything that gets fixed in Rhino.
The vast majority of these fixes are so obscure as to be of no use in a change log.
When re release a new version, it has always been a big task to figure out how to present the changes in a way that is efficient, useful, and informative.
The automated change log is the tool we use while Rhino is in development.
The more labor intensive “story crafting” phase happens as we get closer to release.


There are about 1000 additional items beyond this list that are not visible to the public due to private information (models or contact information) in the issue.

As JB pointed out, this is typically overload for people and we hand craft a smaller list from this as we get closer to release.

Steve, John: Thanks. I think the holiday is coming none too soon for me.