Rhino 5 Camera far far away

Hey guys. i really couldn’t find the solution for this problem.
The camera and target location is suddenly moved to a place far far away from my objects and even i delete all of my objects it does not come back.
In addition, when i manage to select them and try to use the zoom to selected command , rhino told me there is no object selected…but i saw there are object selected.
20180201massing.3dm (1.6 MB)

I don’t know how you did but you camera is in mars, you can fix it by clicking twice View=> viewport layout => 4 Viewports

Or Ctrl-Alt-E for zoom to the extents of current objects.

Hello - I don’t see any problem so far in this file - did 4View or Zoom Extents not do anything good?


thank you. your solution worked!

4view worked. but Zoom Extents alone did not work. It keep saying no objects visible.
Btw when i type 4 view, apart from perspective view, it did brought all other views to the right position. I have to activate perspective view and type the command again to bring the camera in perspective view back to the right position.

Rhino keeps telling me no objects visible when i use Zoom Extents. But 4View worked.