Windows 11

Are there any reasons for not going to Windows 11 with rhino 7/8 ?
Thanks Trevor

Hi Trevor -

That hasn’t been tested very much yet, but, so far, we haven’t seen reasons for not running Rhino on Windows 11, no.

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Hi Wim,

I am assembling a new computer based on Intel Core i7-11700K. Which would be the best choice for running Rhino 6, Windows 10 or 11?

Thanks, EM

Well… I would recommend Windows 10… but I have upgraded my machines… :wink:

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The risk with V6 is if something doesn’t work in Win 11, no more bug fixes will be released for V6. It was retired over a year ago now.

Any needed fixes will happen in V7, and the WIP.

Thank you John, I’ll get Windows 10, which seems to be the prudent thing to do. I can always update both, Rhino and the OS.

Thanks Holo, I have a Mac Pro 2009 which cannot (officially) be upgraded. It runs Rhino 6 quite well -with some display problems- on Windows 7. So I am getting a new machine with equivalent power before risking to upgrade the Mac Pro to WIndows 10.

Any update on this topic?

According to the official Rhino System Requirements page, Windows 11 is listed, but would love to get confirmation from some trusted users here…

Using the most recent Rhino 7 update (and WIP 8, but that’s less important for me personally at this point.)



No issues running Rhino 6/7/8 on Win11 for the last year and a half… Lots of issues with Win11 itself, but they do not affect Rhino.


Much appreciated, thanks.