Rhino 5.3.2 crashes when opening files on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

When I go to open any file or create a new model on Rhino 5.3.2 for mac, the program crashes. The program opens, but once you try to open a file it crashes (infinite rainbow wheel). It previously worked, and I never installed an update, so I’m not sure why this would be happening. Below is a log of the crash, still trying to figure out what the issue is. Any help is greatly appreciated!

rhino crash.txt (17.1 KB)

I apologize for the delayed reply. Would it be possible to provide the file that is crashing 5.3.2 so we can check it on our end? If it’s private, you can upload it here.

an empty file which triggers the error Untitled.3dm (2.6 MB)

Every file.

The only reproducable difference is:

  • Rhinoceros is closed
  • Dragging the file from the desktop onto the app icon in the dock - Rhinoceros crashes all the time
  • Dragging the file from the desktop onto the app icon in the dock AND fastly clicking onto the desktop background - bringing Rhinoceros to the background - Rhinoceros just opens all the time

actually testing on macOS 10.13.1 (High Sierra) Beta 5

Hi @Patrick_Spector_McGo -

Thanks for the crash report. I’m unable to reproduce the crash you are reporting on macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

Can you please provide some additional information? Please navigate to Rhinoceros > About Rhinoceros > More info… > Copy to clipboard and paste the content back into a reply here. Hopefully, you can get to that before Rhino crashes.


Thanks @msmr. I’m not able to reproduce this on my machine, so I’m enlisting @marlin’s help.

What happens in the most recent RhinoWIP?

Logged in MR-3170.


@msmr I am unable to repeat this crash with your 3dm file, Mac Rhino 5.3.2, and macOS 10.13. Also, I do not see any recent crash reports with your email address. Please submit crash reports so we will have more information about this crash.

Does Rhino 5.3.2 crash opening models any other way, such as starting Rhino and selecting a model from the startup screen, or from File > Open Recent, or from File > Open?