Rhino 4 + T-splines (pc) in Bootcamp - which windows version and how?

I have a Rhino 4 (pc version) with an old T-Splines plugin that i wish to run with Bootcamp on my MacPro.
Got SSD, 8ram, graphics and processor to do the job. OSX is Mavericks latest update.

Anyone has experience on which Windows to run and how to install with Bootcamp.

warning! im totally zeroed with computers and have a 1,5yr old constantly interupting me :wink:
Most thankful for help!


Step one: Wait until nap time!

Step two: You’ve got a bootcamp assistant in the Utilities folder on your Mac. Follow the steps to partition your drive and install Windows.

Win 7 would be my pick but 8 should work too. If you run into trouble, look through the Apple forums for a solution. Rhino 4 can then be installed on the Windows side. If you’ve got a working license and the installer for a plugin, that should work too. If it doesn’t, make sure to check with the developers of the plugin in question.

Good luck!

As stated, read the instructions carefully. There is a step in the process (partition format) where if done wrong you could blow up the Mac (At least it used to be that way in previous versions). Just go slow step-by-step. It’s not hard. Further, with a Pro (old tower?) you can drop in a dedicated drive and Bootcamp that drive so as to not have to partition the Mac OS boot drive.


If your models are relatively simple, you might be able to get away with a virtualized Windows install. The advantages are that you do not need to reboot your “lovely” Mac into “nasty” :smile: Windows, and it is hard to screw up a Mac OS that has virtualized Windows. It will boot fast on the SSD. Primary disadvantage is video performance, but it is really not too bad, IMO, if models aren’t complex and you will not use it exclusively, rather just as needed. You could get your T-Splines done virtualized and move the model back to Mac Rhino ASAP.

You could play with VirtualBox. It’s free from Oracle.

Another route - you know T-Splines is “sorta” available now on the Mac, right? T-Splines lives in Autodesk Fusion 360, the acquirer of the technology. Same tools and .ts file format.

Hi designine,
Before you do anything do a current backup. Next printout the Bootcamp install directions and have a USB drive ready to use. It is all in the instructions.

It is pretty straight forward. I use Windows 7 and like it. Command+Shift+Eject will soon be your friend for a reboot into Bootcamp.

Get Winclone to backup Bootcamp and you are set to go. Personally I do not worry too much about Bootcamp. If something happens I will just reinstall as Rhino is really the only thing I have on there. I have Carbon Copy Cloner automatically backup my working files from Bootcamp to OSX.

Good luck.

Hey Guys!
Thanks for all help. And i apologize for late reply here; been out doing hands on work (house build).
Much appreciated and im gonna head into asap.
Will get back with story =)

So, i finally got around to install Windows on Bootcamp…i thought…luckily i can recover mistake from my Timecapsule. :wink: So now resetting the comp for fresh start…
Nowadays im on the latest Capitan OS. Bootcamp is on ver 5.10 i think.

I also wonder;
Will Rhino4 + Tsplines 2 run on Windows 8.1?
I think my Bootcamp-ver is having trouble to install Win7. Therefor i think 8 could be better. Whats you guys op and experience?

Story goes:¨
I managed to create a bootable USB via Bootcamp with Win 7 i thought. By luck, i ran into an instr. that told me to rename usb with .iso after set up of it. Anyone with knowledge that could tell exactly how? Ive managed (at least) to set up Bootcamp so it allows Win-iso to be run from usb-stick.

When doing the actual partition on my ssd in Bootcamp, it reboots directly and automaticly, before it lets me install Win. Why? Ive seen screenshots where further steps for the actual Win to be made directly in Bootcamp after partition-steps…

Id also like to know if the update with drivers for Bootcamp and Mac should be put directly on to the bootable, Win-USB?

All help most appreciated! Thanks!