Moving Rhino 5 license to New Mac Pro OS X Mavericks (bootcamp - windows 8)

Currently running Rhino 5 on Windows XP - 32 bit (bootcamp) with T-splines plugin on a Mac Pro Dual Quad Core (10.8.5) . Have New Mac Pro 12 core (Mavericks OS X) coming soon… would like to instal Windows 8 - 64 bit and move the license over with T-Splines again using Bootcamp. I have the V5 and V4 DVDs. I have been reading that you reinstall the V5 from DVD (using the 64 bit version) it will ask for info from the V4 to verify and then you update to the latest V5 service pack? FYI - The Mac Pro does not have a DVD drive. What about the T-Splines plug-in and settings? Can you copy window toolbar layouts etc? Help or advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers. m

I’m replying, but not answering your questions. I’m just offering advise as a fellow Rhino/T-Splines user who runs them on a MacBook Pro using Bootcamp. Be aware of the limitations and potential pitfalls of using BootCamp. I won’t go into it all here (you can look up my other posts), but I can’t recommend enough that you purchase a copy of WinClone by TwoCanoes. It’s the only product that I’ve found that truly allows you to back-up the Bootcamp partition. With the effort you’re putting into the move, you wouldn’t want a problem to trash the Bootcamp partition and have to do it all over again.

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Hi Michael- for TSplines you’ll have to contact them, but the Rhino 5 installer can be downloaded from

If your V5 license is an upgrade, you’ll need the V4 key to install as well as the V5 key.


Does the download link you provided have all the language pack files to fix ‘the no templates’ issue’?