Rhino 4.0 TextObject failure to create

I have just reinstalled Rhino 4.0 on my windows 10 laptop. When I try to create text I click to place it and an error window opens that says “failed to create surfaces” and no text is present. I tried it in all three modes, Solid, Surface, and Curves and the same message came up with the difference on “curves” it said it failed to create curves.
Any ideas?
thanks Greg

What font and what characters from that font are you using?
Here is “Rhino” surfaces using Arial.

I have tried several fonts and it just gives the error message and no text appears. It also happens in solids, surfaces and curves. It is something in the text creation itself

Run Programs and Features from the Window Control Panel.
Do the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable show up?

If not, see if you can download and install them from here: