Rhino 3D _ Rh6-7 Intermediate Course _repeat not possible

Hi, I signed up and paid for 2 years in May 21. Now I want to review the first sessions, the right lesson shows up, but video does not start. I have already done this before without any problems, but now?? Any idea? Ingemar

Hi Ingemar -

You might want to mention where you signed up and paid.

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How do you mean where? To the Rhino 3D site of course, enrolled No 1368153

@mary - any idea here?


Hi @ingemar,
This is not a course that was organized and presented by McNeel NA.
But to help you figure out who can help, please send:

  1. the URL to the learning site
  2. A screen capture of the site and course.
  3. Email or other purchase receipt.

There are many, many ARTC - Authorized Training Centers and other schools that provide training world wide. So I suspect this this is who you need to contact.

Thanks for the additional details.
Mary Ann Fugier

Dear Mary Ann Fugier,
Iā€™m really surprised to read your response. Please find the following screen dumps:
1: Rhino3D courses Miami,
2: Payment 320 SEK bank statement,

3: Rhino3D Course instructors