Rhino 3 question (seriously!)

I have an ANCIENT laser that only runs on Windows 98. That means I get to live in perpetual nostalgia and Rhino 3.

I create text objects and send them to the laser via the print command. But if I want to create artwork, I have no way to solid-hatch it. Any suggestions? Planar srfs don’t print as solid black, so the laser doesn’t engrave them properly.

I think PictureFrame might have been added in Rhino V3 - if not, maybe a BackgroundBitmap with a black and white image? Otherwise perhaps an extremely dense line hatch, enough to make all the pixels black at your print scale?


Hatch doesn’t seem to exist. You mean a manual array of lines? That might do it.

Hmm, no hatch at all in V3…? I thought it was already there. OK, I still think an actual black and white image might be the best way to go, but I’m not sure what your laser driver would do with that.


Hi, its been ages since the last time i use Rhino3, and i can offer a hybrid solution for your problem.

First do the linework in rhino of your artwork.
export your artwok (linework) as .ai if you have photohop or illustrator or any other vector base graphics program if you dont print as file as jpeg (with big resolution)
import AI to photoshop, illustator if you have those programs, or to MS paint (jpeg one to this program)
fill the artwork with paint bucket.
send to your laser printer.

hope this works

What you really should do is get another machine, run newer software and export to rhino 3 for printing.