Rh8 vs Rh7 ExtendSrf


I am having trouble extending surfaces in a simple model. See the video for the different behaviours
Rh8Rh7_ExtendSrf.3dm (250.9 KB)

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Wow, seems like there is a magic bug happening in Rhino 8.

I think this was reported and then apparently fixed in R8.7, which has just been released.

Have you updated to 8.7?

No I have not. funny, my RH8 doesn’t notify me of a new update, yet it only checked for one about four weeks ago. Is there a way to increase the version check frequency?

@David53 Marked your post as solution hoping it has solved it :pray:

Edit: after trying the “check now” button/link, I realized I can not click anywhere in the “Updates and Statistics” panel. Maybe the bug was the “Updates and Statistics” module all along…

Hi Roger -

Not even the “Enable Updates and Usage Statistics” option?


I thought “Check Now” was supposed to work no matter whether “Enable Updates and …” was checked or not?

Hello @Wim,

no it’s all greyed-out. Is that because I am not running this user with admin-privileges? Should not make a difference in simply just checking.