RH7 - new hatch gradient

Hello, if i create new hatch and set “solid gradient”, then will be created hatch with radial gradient - RH7 last release candidate.

Hello - the Solid gradient pattern is separate from the Solid gradient fill - I see this may get to be confusing pretty quickly - which are you referring to?


Hi Pascal,
thak you for reply.

Try it repeat:

1.Create rectangle and new hatch . In dialog window “Hatch” i choose Fill type as “Radial reflected” - OK
select this hatch and in properties was fill style “Radial reflected” - so many times, but now is ok…

  1. Copy rectangle without hatch and create new hatch - In dialog window “Hatch” i choose Fill type as “Solid”

  2. Select latest hatch and see properties in right container - here is still “Radial reflected”

Hi -

Thanks, I see that here as well and wrote it up as RH-62338.

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i have new issue:
Not working “match” in hatch window…
Match works fine for “Pattern” but for “Fill type” is something wrong…

first hatch

second hatch

Hello - what is the lower hatch, with the arrow? Is it not solid? Can you please export those and send them?


Hi Pascal,
lower hatch with arrow is Solid fill type.
If i use “Match button” in right container then match is ok…
Hatch_match.3dm (328.0 KB)

See GIF in link below: