Hatch pattern "Fill Style" default settings have somehow changed to "Radial Reflected"


for some reason, when I use the hatch command, it always used the Radial Reflected as the default fill setting…not sure how I have I managed to save this as the default setting, but can I change it back to solid somehow?


Hm - I do not see that here - if you start a new, single session of Rhino and make a rectangle and a hatch, does this happen?


Hi - In a simple test here, it looks like this is remembered between sessions.
I started Rhino and made a hatch. It popped up with a solid hatch type. I changed it to radial and finished the command. Exited Rhino and restarted. Made a hatch and this time the radial type was active.
So, whatever type you used last time should be the type that the dialog starts with in a new session.

Awesome, thank you very much for that.

The key was to re-select radial reflected, accept it, and THEN go through the”process and select solid…

Sorted though, thank you again!


Glad I found this, I’ve been running into this same issue for ages. The problem is that in the hatch creation dialog gradient settings it clearly shows that ‘Solid’ is selected, but the hatch is created with a gradient. After I dismiss the dialog and go to object properties for the hatch, it shows that the hatch fill style is a gradient and I have to change it there to solid.

In other words the hatch creation dialog is not refreshing/updating correctly to show the actual hatch fill in use (or the fill in use is not updating to match the fill displayed), whereas the object properties panel shows it correctly.

Waking it up by first picking a style you don’t want and then picking the style you do want does work, but it shouldn’t be necessary.