Rh4/Rh5 installation

This machine [at my lab] had Rh4 installed, and somehow the Rh5 installation caused the directories to get renamed/changed. Now if I click a *.gh file, Rh4 opens up. Where do I change the file associations? Win7, 32bit.
I should know this, but don’t.
Instruction, please.

Thanks, JB… :slight_smile:

Well, using that link it says the program to open *.gh files is Rhino5. But when I click one, Rhino4 is opened.

I remember during the Rh5 beta/install time that Rhino renamed directories and programs, because of something to do with ‘compatibility’ or something…

There’s no problem to open Grasshopper within Rh5. But click a *.gh file and get Rh4.

Anybody remember that beta/evaluation swithcheroo?

Hi Chris - ugh - I think the reason it is going to 4 is that both V4 and V5 32 bit are called Rhino4.exe for compatibility with 32 bit V4 plug-ins and the system is… confused. There should be a way to browse the machine and get to the V5 64 bit installation - yeah, look at the very bottom of the list for Open with > More apps.

Windows 10 here…


Yes. I remember that. Now the ‘problem’ is that I don’t have 64 bits, only 32. It’s win7Ultimate32bits. Soon I’ll ‘update’ to 64, til then, workaround…
Thanks PG.

Hi Chris - if you navigate explicitly to the V5 version of the Rhino4.exe… does it make any difference? If you installed V4 last, it might help to uninstall and resintall V5 to move its .exe to the top of the list… maybe.


OK. Under Programs I’ve got Rhinoceros4 Rhinoceros5 and Rhinoceros5WIP. Under Rhino4/System I find Rhino4.exe dated 3/9/2011. Under Rhino5/system I find Rhino4.4xe Dated 8/10/2015. If I rename that to Rhino5.exe it won’t run. I get an error from license manager.
If only I could tell win7 WHICH Rhino4 to use it would be fine.
No problem at home win7/64bit.:smile_cat:

Hi Chris - did you try (it is a shot in the dark) un-installing and reinstalling V5 so that it is the more recently installed Rhino4.exe ?


Well, I’ve tried uninstall/reinstall and am getting error reports and LONG log files. I sent two to BrianJ recently, have gotten no response just yet.

Rhino is necessary.