Revit2Rhino - Elements Missing

Transferring my Revit walls into Rhino but I keep getting: “1. ‘Elements’ contains only first 100 of 2797 total elements”. I get a similar error when I try to get my doors.

change your limit to over the 2797 to fix that particular error, the door number will need to changed as well (> Limit)


I see on the screenshot that you have changed the canvas colors, but this message is a warning, using standard Grasshopper color schema the component should be orange.

The Limit input is there to prevent loooong queries on biiiiiig models.
Also has other uses like just grabing the first element that passes the Filter.
The output param Count is also there in case you need to check if there is any element that passes Filter without grabing the elements. To do that remove the output Elements parameter, you will see that the component runs faster.

Some samples:

While you are prototyping you can just remove Limit input. To do that just zoom in over the component, a minus sign button will appear next to it.

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