Incomplete Wall Translation from Revit to Rhino

Only a partial list of Revit walls are brought into the Rhino Environment. It there an additional level of filtering i need to do to bring them all in but in batches of 100 or is this something else?

  1. ‘E’ contains only first 100 of 253 total elements.

Thank you

Hi @cflynn,

You can provide a greater Limit on the ‘L’ input, or zoom-in on the component and remove that limit input, in this case the component will return all the elements that pass the filter ‘F’.

In some cases you only need the first element that pass a filter, on that case you can fill ‘L’ with a 1.

This also applies to the outputs. If you just need to know how many elements pass a filter but you don’t care which elements, for example in case you want to know if there is any element that pass the filter, you can just remove the ‘E’ output and compare output ‘C’ (Count) with 0.

Please see this.