Revit to Rhino - stick diagram & outlines

Hi All,

I’m trying to send my Revit model to Rhino as a ‘stick diagram’ only. The idea is that this can then be imported into a analysis software.

Floors work perfect. I can deconstruct them in GH and use to top surface only.

Steel columns work fine as well. I set the detail level to coarse and that gives me the centre line.

Concrete columns dont work as the coarse detail level still produces a polysurface.

Any idea how I could work out the centre line of this columns?

Also, I’m not sure how to go about walls. Ideally I’d like to get the centre line of the walls.

Any suggestions for this?

As always many thanks in advance.


Stephen, Try passing the Walls and Concrete columns to a grasshopper Curve component. The concrete columns may be due to the particular family, but worth a shot first. If not you may need to edit the column family and add a course representation or handle it differently in GH.

Hi Japhy,

Yes I was thinking about changing the column family if I have to.

Where would you use the curve component?

I get an conversion error message in my script?

Many thanks

In the definition above it would out of the Elements before your Element Geometry component. No element geometry component req’d.

Hi Japhy,

That seems to work for columns, beams and walls.

Many thanks,


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