Revit to Rhino Definition

I’m watching this tutorial for transferring Revit objects into rhino on the “Rhino Inside Revit” website in which they handwave a few items and python definition.

The narrator said the definition is downloadable, but as you can see from this image this page is not yet finished.

Does anyone have this definition laying around?


Do you mean transfering Revit geometry to Rhino? There is a node called “Element Geometry” that turns selected elements into Rhino geometries.

I got that far, but I would like to be able to apply filters so I can transfer the elements to be on different layers.

If you want to layer geometry by category, following definition might do what you want. Some of the components are from Elefront, so you have to install it first. (8.1 KB)

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You may find this helpful too.

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