Revit Slab Edge

Hi guys,

Is anyone had luckily modelled the slab edge using Rhino Inside Revit?

It will be nice if we could have it as well?


The Slab Edge in the Revit UI is a profile family that is added to a particular edge. What is the scripted workflow you are envisioning?

I’ll see what we can do. This might work for one, but when feeding multiple floors with different edge counts and directions i’m not sure how this would be more efficient than the UI. Profiles are a Family and Type and would need to controlled as such.

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Hi Japhy, we only use this for slab on grade but not much on the suspended slab,
so one floor level is enough, cheers.

Here is someone applying a slabedge to the floors, nothing much as changed in the Revit Api in this regard. As you can see getting the edges requires analyzing the underlying geometry and is subject to underlying rules.

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Sketzjewel, This definition adds a slabedge to a floor slab. (8.1 KB)

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Thank you Japhy! this is cool, kind regards.