REVIT - Inconsistent Pattern Direction on Direct Shapes from Rhino

I’m bringing geometry to Revit from Rhino via the direct shape component. I’m applying the revit material in grasshopper using the direct shape component. When I apply a fill pattern to the material I get inconsistent orientation of the pattern.

Is it driven by the uv on the brep? Is there a way to control this? Anyone think of a workaround?

I can manually rotate the patterns one at at time, but that won’t be feasible for larger projects.

We have an open issue related to this.

In order to fix this, in the last version, we tried to take care of UV surface directions while transferring geometry from Rhino to Revit and the other way around.

Could you please update to last version of Rhino.Inside Revit and test?
If still fails would you mind sharing a piece of geometry that has this problem?


Hi Kike,

Thanks for looking into this. I updated but I’m still experiencing the same problem.
See link below for the Rhino geo, the revit geo and the gh def.