Revit Get project Warnings

Hi, community, i’m trying to automate model health analysis using RiR and i wonder is there the way to collect all the project warnings to analyze.
Also any links to RiR model health related topics would be very much appreciated!
Thank you!

That information is available through the Revit API which can be extracted to a text file.

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This would be very useful as a RhinoInisde Component.

‘Document Warnings’ component is now in v1.10.


Is there a way to retrieve warnings by element? Like a component that takes an element input and returns all the associated failures and other elements involved.

Hi Tryfon, There is the element output that matches the error warning trees. You could search for a specific ElementId to find a particular element warning set.

Hi Japhy. Thanks for the prompt response. I understand you can search by id but if you also want to filter by failure definition it becomes complicated
Element Warnings.ghuser (5.2 KB)
. I was hoping there was a component that does what you can do through the GUI. Select an element and get the associated warnings. I had to write a user object for this (attached) but I am not sure if it works properly. Maybe something to add in a future update?
Screenshot 2023-08-23 174921

That’s great Tryfon, there are a lot particular workflows that need a quick script just like you’ve done. I’ll add your feature request.

Hi @Tryfon_Foteinopoulos,

I Renamed ‘Document Warnings’ to ‘Query Warnings’ and now it allows filtering.

It’s already on v1.18 and will be in v1.17


This is amazing Kike! Really appreciate it!

Getting this error on 1.18 and both R23-24

This looks like a possible Revit Addin conflict.

Try running without addins, either by temporarily removing the addins or the option RiR gives to start without addins.

Having no issues with 24 or 23 with the latest.

Hi @Tryfon_Foteinopoulos,

There was a bug on v1.18, please update.

Hey Kike. Thanks for sorting this bug out so quickly.
I am afraid is not working properly when you feed it specific documents. It will for some reason ignore the active document elements. Consider making it non document aware (like the Spatial Element Boundary component).

Also consider adding an option to include or not include the input failing element to the output failing elements.