Revit Family Instance - Component by location host behavior

Hi there,

I’m placing Revit family instances from Grasshopper via the Component by Location module. Specifically, the family instances are wall-hosted. I pass points and the host wall to 'Component by location" but the instantiated families come in on the wrong side of the wall. They should be on the exterior face, the control points are on the exterior face, but they come in on the interior face of the wall.

I’m not seeing anywhere to control how the instantiated geometry is oriented to the host - any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi owen,

What family template are you using? Just providing a point doesn’t sound like enough information, it may need to be workplane based.

I started with the 'Metric Generic Model wall based" family template. I’m going back now to look at the family - in the family my geometry is on the “Placement Side” per the family template and the dummy wall in the family template has the exterior face toward the placement side.

Do you have another suggestion for a workplane based family? I see the “Generic Model face based.rft” and may give that a try next.


Ok that’s a little different than i was thinking. I’ll need to test a few things.

Fyi on making a Generic Model WP template…

To make a wp based Family Template open the Generic Model.rft as a new family, change to WorkPlane based and save as .rfa. Then copy into the template directory and change the file type to .rft.

Cool - thanks for the WP template tip.

I’m going to test this with some dummy geometry so I can post screenshots of what I’m trying to accomplish & will report back.

When placing a Wall based family via UI is flips side to side, so placement side might be a misnomer or more of UI application. I’ll try a few different ways as well.

This is with a WP family and ensures placement on the exterior wall.

Still looking at the Face Based option, it’s not quite behaving as expected.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. I also switched to a WP family and tried using both points or planes for location - I got some Revit errors ('Can’t rotate element into this position") when using the plane but using the selected wall face, point, and WP family gives the desired output, at least for this simple demo.

Nice, Make sure always vertical isn’t checked in the family, that said, it may not like certain rotations. There are other family templates that will. If i recall the plumbing fixtures will go in any direction.

Thanks for your help, this is working well now.