Placing and Rotating a Group

Hi everyone,

I have made a revit group, consisting of structural collumns, non structural framing, walls. It helps me place appropriately, and simultaneously a collumn with its analytical models, some walls to fireproof, some non structural framing to hold the finishing walls…
This group is reused about 200 times per project, and there are similar groups. This group helps me simplify my architectural project, where i only need to place it on a grid, using the origin point.

My hypothesis is that, upon placement, revit allows to rotate families, but doesn’t for groups. The Grasshopper AddModelGroup thus only allows points as location while AddComponent also allows planes.
If that is true, is there a way i can select those groups, and then rotate them with the appropriate angle ?

What would be the best way to work it out ?

  • Finding a way to save as a family, which i can rotate ?
  • Select, in Grasshopper, those groups, and then rotating them ? (preferably without heavy geometry import/export)
  • Using another Grasshopper / Rhino.inside component i don’t know about ?

Thanks Everyone, kind regards

I would think the the Add Groups component should take a plane, but I see it does not. I would report it to the GitHub Issues tracker:

A workaround for now would be to create multiple families and insert and rotate them all like this workflow:

It is not pretty but it works. Not too hard to insert multiple families with the same insert point.