Revit API standard Document.Import() methods fail when executed through Rhino.InsideRevit

I am presently exploring executing a few Revit API scenarios to be executed via Rhino.Inside.Revit with a custom Rhino plugin. I am encountering some ‘broken’ behavior in some Revit API methods for file imports (DXF, DWG, SAT, etc) when they are executed within a Rhino.Inside.Revit context - namely with Revit Document.Import and FamilyDocument.Import methods.

My Setup:

  • Launch Revit, Start a new project document, and load Rhino.Inside
  • Open the Rhino Window
  • Run a custom Rhino command that executes a Revit API Import method (with Rhino.InsideRevit)

My Problem:

  • Using this setup, I am able access the Revit document/app/etc. I have succeed in executing some Revit API methods/transactions from Rhino as I expected.
  • Where it fails: When attempting to use the Revit API Document.Import() method, Revit returns a message “Not a valid file for DWG import (.dwg and .dxf files are valid)” - the file is indeed a valid file.
  • What is expected to happen: The exact same code and file succeeds when executed as a Revit macro or as a standard Revit API plugin.

Some questions

  • Are there known limitations (like this) documented anywhere for running Revit API methods through the Rhino.InsideRevit context? The only thing I could think of is that it seems that Revit’s import methods might use resources that conflict with Rhino’s causing strange failing behavior?
  • Am I missing a step to ensure that Revit API import methods function correctly when executed through Rhino.InsideRevit?
  • Are there any workaround available for this kind of issue?

Here is a code snippet:

  • Get the ActiveDBDocument from Rhino.InsideRevit

  • Begin a Transaction for importing a file

  • Set DWG import options and get a view

  • (FAILS AT) Perform the Document.Import() method - Revit returns a “Not valid file for DWG import”

              Document rvtDoc = rir.Revit.ActiveDBDocument;
              string path = "[PATH TO DWG/DXF]";
              ElementId import = null;
              using (Transaction t = new Transaction(rvtDoc, "Import DWG or DXF File"))
                  DWGImportOptions dwgOptions = new DWGImportOptions();
                  dwgOptions.Placement = ImportPlacement.Origin;
                  dwgOptions.Unit = ImportUnit.Foot;
                  View firstview = null;
                  using (FilteredElementCollector fec = new FilteredElementCollector(rvtDoc))
                      firstview = (View)fec.FirstElement();
                  // import dxf
                  rvtDoc.Import(path, dwgOptions, firstview, out import);

Hi Nathan,

Not tested it but should be perfectly possible.

As you mentioned this problem is related to managing resources between booth applications.

There is a method called RhinoInside.Revit.Rhinoceros. InvokeInHostContext that should do the magic here.

It takes an Action or a Func that will run synchronously in Revit context.
This is only needed when Revit UI is involved. Other cases where this is necessary is when you need to pick elements from the Revit model.


Hi @kike - Amazing! That solved it.