Revert to Earlier Mac v7 WIP?

Be me, update to latest WIP…

Export an object from a layout view. See the raw file is 2.9MB for a circle, line and two text objects. Open separately and find only the line objects and no original text (further referred to as TEXT1). Add missing text (further referred to as TEXT2). File > Save Small. See the file size as 88KB, All Is Right With The World™.

Close the file.

Get message saying file has been altered but not saved. Save

See the file size again is 2.9MB. File > Save Small. Get message again “Not saved”. kill -15 pgrep Rhinoceros

Get back to doing that Import the block file thing.

Import the file and insert the block into model view, see only lines with no text (TEXT1 or TEXT2).

Insert the block into layout view, see only text (TEXT1) with out line objects.

Realize that I can’t do any functional work today after I find that the File > Revert To > Browse Versions is a disabled menu option and most of my files are saved as “Rhino 7” version files.


you lost all of us…

can you clarify what is happening, or you expect to happen that isn’t and how we can help?

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