Exported block with text loses text

This post is an offspring of the " Inserted block 1000 times larger than expected - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum".
In that bug report I had several blocks in the layout space which when I exported and re-inserted were scaled 1000 times. @jeremy5 noted that if you make the block in Model space (in the correct units for layout), it imports correctly in layout.

So, I thought I would export all my layout blocks, open them directly (or insert them in model space), scale them to mm and then I could use them normally. A nuisance, but it could work.

But I have noticed that all the text within the blocks vanish when you open or insert in model space. if you Select All you don’t see any text entities.
Why is this happening? Is this expected? if so Why?

This is especially annoying since a lot of these blocks have text and atributes that need totally redoing in Model Space.

PS. I could try to scale it down 1000 time when editing in layout and then import it, but it feels like it could run into a bunch of unintended consequences with the text styles and other issues.

Hi @nsgma,

Could you post a file with a sample block containing some text that will exhibit this behaviour when exported?


Here they go.
I did the block on the layout of this file and exported it:
230326 Text Block Disappear.3dm (31.5 KB)

When you open it the text is gone.
Block 01.3dm (26.7 KB)

Yes, this looks like a repeatable bug: when exporting a block from a layout, the text object is not visible when you open the block file in Rhino. An audit of the block file indicates that the text is actually present as a normal (i.e. not hidden) object but it will take a McNeel developer to work out why it doesn’t shown up.

However, there is a workaround: if you use the block manager to export the block while you are in one of the model viewports instead of the layout, then the text will show up in the block file.


@nsgma I’m having a hard time reproducing this error and wonder if I’m doing things differently. I selected the block and ran Export. When I then open that file, it opens normally here. The block file you posted indicates it’s not a block and indeed only shows a circle.

Hi @Gijs,

To reproduce:

  1. Open the file 230326 Text Block Disappear.3dm
  2. From the layout page Page1, open the Block Manager.
  3. Confirm that there is only one instance of Block 01, the one you see on the layout page.
  4. From the Block Manager use the export option to export Block 01.
  5. Open the resulting file and note the absence of the A.
  6. Run Audit on the file and note that it shows two Normal objects but only one can be seen/is found by Select All.


In Layout, make a block with a text inside, add a circle just for confirmation.
Still in Layout, export block through Block Manager.
Open resulting file, the text should be gone, the circle should be there.

As @jeremy5 , pointed out if you export block while in Model space, the text appears.

@jeremy5 @nsgma thanks, I missed the blockmanager part, I see this now.

RH-74022 Export a block while in layout through blockmanager does not export the block correctly