Retrieve the index number from a specific value

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a need a little help.

I have a sorted list, and from this list I need to know and extract the index number from the item which first approaches a given value, in this case is 125, i.e. index no. 172 from this list.
I will always have lists in which the value “125” will be positioned in another index, for this, I would need to extrapolate it automatically and not manually.

Could someone point me in the right direction?
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Source internal to the isEqual (within tolerance) cluster/component:


Hallo dear Joseph,

thanks for the help, but I have a problem, I think is the Expression by your A-imput into the _smaller component. Wich expression have you used? (15.7 KB)


That is the trouble with images alone instead of posting GH files! (18.2 KB)

P.S. Here it is again using your data, but the tolerance value must be 0.1 to make it work.

equal_tolerance_2021Feb10b (24.2 KB)

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sorry, I forgot the attachment.

Thanks for your time Joseph!!

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