Retrieve specific value and replace the member index

Hallo dear communiuty,

I need I little help to retrieve a speciefic values from a list and replace with another value.
In specific the only index with a values that have a 0 after the comma (p.e. 0.0xxxx, 0.00xxx, 0.000xxx) must become 1.

Unfortunaltely the matchtext, the retrieveitem and the member index component, they didn’t help me, because I have to leave the original value, without rounding it.

Any advice?? (65.4 KB)

Thanks and best regards (73.5 KB)



Dear Yoann, thanks for the solution,

but the expression say me “X as invalid name,only use alphanumeric characters…”.
Any advice?

This is bug in old grasshopper versions, grasshopper menu: disable Display->Draw Full Names
Or if you want to keep the full names, rename the input of the expression from “variable x” to “x”

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