Index selection issue

Hi! I’m struggling to extract indicies of selected items in a list. First I tried Item Index but it “didn’t work”. Then I searched how it works and that it is mostly useless component and for what I need [Memeber Index] might be much better. And so I tried and I failed miserably. Please, tell me what am I doing wrong because I’m losing patience for myself… As shown underneath: I have a list of 8760 items which is a list of temperatures measured hourly through the year. I plug it into [Larger than] and as the second value I put 25. Then I changed boolean values to integers and I try to extract indexes of only “1” value. But the list is empty. How does that work? :frowning:

First I tried Item Index but it “didn’t work”

What about it doesn’t work?

Well, thats what I saw in that thread.

But you definietly proved it is quite useful! Thank you!