Retrieve Revit Version GUID

Can this value be retrieved using nodes? Its a new ID add in the last few releases that helps managed change control.


It’s available at the Document level via a node

At the element level its available through the Revit Api as a property (no current node)

Thanks, This is pretty powerful as its a hash that tells you when an element has changed after a sync or save. Would be great to expose on a per object level via nodes.

Only issue with a component is that’s its not available pre-2021.1, we can expose the element.VersionGuid to make it easier to get though.

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We have two new components for this, Document Version and Element Version. Is on the Daily Build channel (v1.6).

On Revit previous to 2021 show a warning and ‘Updated’ outputs nulls.

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We were discussing why someone would want this information, so Kike added an Element Ownership Component as well. (Today’s daily build)



Great. Thanks very much. Cheers.

Thanks for putting this in place… This is just a POC. Real Time Change Detection across Sessions in Revit - YouTube but amazingly powerful.

I did find a bug or maybe I’m missing something. But the regular GUIDs don’t come across correctly.

That’s the Rhino Guid component, for Revit Elements use the Element Passport Component