Deleting Revit Elements Using Element ID

Hi there,

Deleting Revit Elements is a very needed feature I believe. I hope the team can do something about it.

There are two components to do that ‘Element Delete’ and ‘Element Purge’

If you want to do it by Element ID you can use ‘Query Element’ like this.

I am ashamed of myself for not realizing they already exist :((

There are 209 components already.

We should provide a better documentation but since things are constantly changing is not easy either.

Absolutely. But i think in terms of improvement speed, you are doing great. I have been migrating most of my daily tasks I did in Dynamo to Grasshopper and I think it is doing awesome. There are some element binding issues but overall, I am comfortable using it. Only thing it is lacking is detailed documentation and finding tutorials/content (specific to Rhino.Inside Revit) about it.