How to get info on which room does a window/door belong to?

Previously I used to do that by analyze instance space inputting the windows as family instance, however after updating the rhino inside build this now gives me nulls, what is now the proper way to do this?
Finally I need room shapes with cut window openings (energy model).

See attached. If you are continuing to have issues please post a small example file (note the Revit & RiR Version)

Thanks. (10.8 KB)

Hi Japhy,

first of all I want to apologize for all my question in the past few days.

I tried this snippet, but since the windows and doors in my project come from links, I get ‘null’ values returned. How could that work with linked files?

P.S. The project is really big for me to send related files.

Thank you

Where are the rooms? Do the doors/windows have that option enabled?

So rooms are in the main file, the first to files that are linked hold Windows and Doors for 2 building volumes. Which option would that be?

You would want to graft the Document input in this case as well.

The Room Calculation Point option mentioned previously…

Hi Japhy,

So, a lot has happened since this morning. The situation is, we have a master file with all the Rooms in it, and then we have 2 links for the 2 different building bodies, which have the Doors and Windows.

What we now get is this:

This is the only non “null” value we get from about 4000, connected to one of the links. Is there a way to connect Rooms from the master file with Doors and Windows from the linked files?

Not seeing a native solution, you can try a geometry driven one.


after trying to find different methods to achieve my goal and playing around with components to try and understand Rhino.Inside I came across something that strikes me as strange and hinders my progress.

Searching through the forum I could not find a similar problem and don’t know if its new thread worthy so I’m going to ask here for some clarification.

Working on Revit21 for the time being, when I use Spatial Element Boundary and Geometry, both collected from the master file(not linked files) I get this strange(for me) result.

I have to sets of elements, A and B, for both Boundary and Geometry. If I then select the Boundary geometry , it highlights in B, but if I hover Elements it shows they are in A

My problem is that I want to compare Side Elements Geometry with Boundary Curves, but they appear in two different places in Rhino

Not seeing this on a quick attempt to duplicate, can you post a small example? Thanks

Do you need the Grasshopper script? Can I internalise data? I don’t think I will be allowed to send revit models

Ideally a broken out sample of your Revit model & the relevant grasshopper bits.

You can zip and upload privately to McNeel here Rhino - Upload to Support

How far from origin are your objects?

Just sent an e-mail with a sample file, where the issue persist, although in a smaller scale

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Can you provide more context? Perhaps a gh file with the workflow? Thanks