Retaining walls

Is it possible to draw retaining walls in Lands?
Regards, Simon

Hi Simon, there is no retaining wall object in Lands Design right now, just the wall object you can create with the laPartition command. However we are planning to add it in future versions. Which parameters would you like to edit in that Retaining wall object? Could you add examples of what you wish to achieve?

Hi Francesc,

The retaining wall should also adapt the terrain :

Regards, Simon

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You could do something like this with native components. This is one way you could approach it.

I’m sure this could be refined further, but maybe it’s a start?
Some limitiations of this approach are:
1 - dependent on starting with a surface then convert to mesh. (if you figured out a better way to “project” a curve back to the mesh…in the correct direction, then you could start with a mesh)
2 - Not sure how this would scale on a larger mesh (my example surface is only around 2800-3000 vertices)
3 - the area that a wall is retaining cannot overlap with another walls area

The file also has a little bit at the end for adding building pads.
Good luck and I would love to see this refined/developed further.

Rhino 6, all native GH components. Rhino File included for referenced geometry.
Units are in feet. (344.7 KB) (37.1 KB)


Hi Chris,
Thank you very much. It looks interesting. I will try it next week.
Regards, Simon